PSL 2024: Teams and Their Statistics


The PSL story began with a bang in 2015, with five teams eager to shine. Fast forward five years, add the Multan Sultans, and now, millions mark their calendars for this February-March cricket extravaganza. But the real thrill? Figuring out who’s the ultimate champ on the green field. Next PSL 2024 season will start from 17th February.

Sure, we all root for our favorite team, but real winners emerge from a tale woven with wins, losses, and pure cricket talent. Dive into this guide for the lowdown on all PSL teams and their stats. Numbers tell stories of triumph and tough times. It’s not just about trophies; it’s about the journey, the resilience, and the magic each team brings. So, cricket fans, get ready to celebrate PSL’s legacy, one stat at a time!


The followings are the PSL teams’ records and statistics from the league’s first season to now. You’ll like this post if you’re a die-hard fan of cricket. Many interesting statistics regarding the PSL points table and their teams will be presented here to you.

1.  Multan Sultans

The Multan Sultans stormed into the PSL scene in 2018 and made it their own. But it was their breathtaking performance in 2022 that stole the show – winning 10 out of 12 matches, nearly flawless! It wasn’t just about the numbers; it was a testament to their sheer determination led by the steady hand of Muhammad Rizwan. His calm leadership and strong play led the team to victory in 2021, a well-deserved reward for their hard work and passion.

By painting a vivid picture of Multan’s journey, focusing on the emotions tied to their success, acknowledging Rizwan’s leadership, and adding suspense and excitement, you can make the story more gripping and relatable to readers.

2.  Islamabad United

Islamabad United isn’t just a team with a winning streak; they’re a powerhouse in the PSL. They burst onto the scene in 2016, claiming the very first championship title and setting a strong tone for the seasons to come. Their consistency and fighting spirit shone in subsequent years, especially in 2018 and 2021, where they clinched remarkable victories with 8 out of 12 wins each season. Beyond the numbers, Islamabad United embodies a team that steps up when it matters, carving their name into PSL history as true champions. They’ve proven themselves and are here to stay as a dominant force in the league for the long haul.

3.  Peshawar Zalmi

Peshawar Zalmi isn’t just a team; it’s a cricket legend. With a solid 53% win rate in the PSL, they’ve become a real powerhouse. But it’s not just about the numbers. Zalmi’s got the fiery spirit of cricket icons like Shahid Afridi and Darren Sammy, thrilling fans worldwide with their electric style of play.

Their 2017 victory was epic, marked by stellar performances and hoisting the trophy high. But they didn’t stop there. In 2019, they made history, clinching a remarkable eight wins out of 13 matches – the most in any single season of the PSL. That’s what Zalmi’s all about: that unstoppable passion, their pursuit of greatness, and the knack for shining when it matters most.

4.  Quetta Gladiators

In 2019, Quetta Gladiators didn’t just luck out; they showed true grit and unwavering determination. With nine wins out of 12 matches, they triumphantly raised the PSL trophy, cementing their place among the league’s top contenders. But for the Gladiators, success isn’t a one-off story. Unlike the latecomers Multan Sultans, Quetta has consistently proved they’re a team to watch out for.

5.  Lahore Qalandars

For Lahore Qalandars fans, the recent seasons have been an exhilarating journey. Once seen as perpetual underdogs, their story has taken a thrilling turn. The years 2022 and 2023 weren’t just about winning; they were about proving their worth and showing that relentless determination can change destinies.

Do you remember those early struggles when victories felt rare? Well, those times are long gone. Now, it’s all about the triumphant moments of achieving 8 out of 12 wins in 2022 and 9 out of 13 in 2023. The Qalandars didn’t just win; they played with a style that captured everyone’s attention and lit up the passion of their dedicated fans.

Today, the Lahore Qalandars stand as the most supported team in the league, showcasing an incredible transformation. But beyond the trophies and numbers, their success tells a deeper story: never lose hope because even those considered underdogs can rise to become champions.

6.  Karachi Kings

The Karachi Kings are more than just a cricket team; they’re a blend of star power and passionate hearts. With big names like Babar Azam, Shoaib Malik, and Imad Wasim, these Karachi-born icons are the heartbeat of the team, inspiring their loyal fans.

In 2020, their win rate might not have been their best, but for the Kings, it wasn’t just about numbers; it was about surpassing expectations. They fought hard, securing 7 wins out of 12, showcasing their resilience and determination. Then came the unforgettable moment: lifting the championship trophy. It wasn’t just a win; it was a validation of their unwavering belief and a message to all doubters that the Kings were here to stay.

Their success isn’t just about the stars on the field; it’s about the city rallying behind them. Every cheer from the stands, every flutter of the blue flag, fuels their passion, reminding them that they carry Karachi’s pride on their shoulders. As they face new challenges ahead, one thing remains unchanged: the unbreakable connection between the Kings and their city, built on determination, passion, and the relentless pursuit of glory.

PSL Teams Performance Summary (2016-Present)

TeamTime-SpanMatches PlayedWinsLossesPSL TitlesWinning %
Multan Sultans2018-Present673727157.69%
Islamabad United2016-Present884740253.97%
Peshawar Zalmi2016-Present934942153.80%
Quetta Gladiators2016-Present823942148.14%
Lahore Qalandars2016-Present853943247.64%
Karachi Kings2016-Present853249139.75%

PSL Statistics

Now, let’s talk about some general statistics of PSL.

Highest Team Total in PSL History

TeamOpponent TeamTotal ScoresSeason(years)
Multan SultansQuetta Gladiators262/32023
Quetta GladiatorsMultan Sultans253/82023
Islamabad UnitedPeshawar Zalmi247/22021
Multan SultansQuetta Gladiators245/32022
Multan SultansPeshawar Zalmi244/62023

Lowest PSL Team Total Score

TeamOpponent TeamsTotal ScoresSeason(years)
Lahore QalandarsPeshawar Zalmi592017
Quetta GladiatorsMultan Sultans732021
Lahore QalandarsMultan Sultans762023
Lahore QalandarsPeshawar Zalmi782019
Islamabad UnitedKarachi Kings822017
Lahore QalandarsMultan Sultans892021

Highest Partnership in PSL History

1Sharjeel Khan & Babar AzamKarachi KingsIslamabad United1762021National Stadium, Karachi
2Saim Ayub & Babar AzamPeshawar ZalmiQuetta Gladiators1622023Bugti Stadium, Quetta
3Liam Livingstone & Babar AzamKarachi KingsMultan Sultans1572019Multan Cricket Stadium
4Usman Khan & Muhammad RizwanMultan SultansQuetta Gladiators1572023Multan Cricket Stadium
5Sohail Akhtar & Ben DunkLahore QalandarsQuetta Gladiators1552020Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore
6Wahab Riaz & Kamran AkmalPeshawar ZalmiIslamabad United1552022Arbab Niazi Stadium, Peshawar
7Shane Watson & Sharjeel KhanIslamabad UnitedLahore Qalandars1532016Dubai International Cricket Stadium
8Colin Munro & Iftikhar AhmedIslamabad UnitedKarachi Kings150*2021National Stadium, Karachi
9Shan Masood & Muhammad RizwanMultan SultansLahore Qalandars1502022Multan Cricket Stadium

Highest Wicket-Takers in PSL History

Player (Team)MatchesOversRunsWicketsAvg.Eco.
Wahab Riaz (PZ)88328.5256311322.697.81
Hassan Ali (IU/PZ)72270.421669423.057.99
Shaheen Shah Afridi (LQ)62234.318568921.007.88
Shadab Khan (IU)72256.419347725.127.49
Faheem Ashraf (IU)60202.516687223.228.22
Muhammad Nawaz (QG)76250.418877027.007.52
Haris Rauf (LQ)53200.118186428.449.09
Muhammad Amir (KK)66242.218086328.737.47
Imran Tahir (KK/MS)44156.011005619.646.99
Sohail Tanveer (KK/MS/LQ/QG)61214.517055530.827.95

Most Extras by a Team in PSL History

TeamsScoresOversExtras (b lb wide nb)OppositionsSeason
Multan Sultans24520(1 4 17 2)Quetta Gladiators2022
Peshawar Zalmi17720(5 7 9 2)Islamabad United2019
Quetta Gladiators18920(6 4 11 -)Karachi Kings2019
Islamabad United19920(-) 4 16 -)Quetta Gladiators2022
Lahore Qalandars17618.5(4 7 8 -)Peshawar Zalmi2023
Karachi Kings18520(2 4 10 3)Quetta Gladiators2023

Most Expensive Team in PSL History

Back in 2016, Lahore Qalandars and Karachi Kings made a grand entrance into the Pakistan Super League, snagging franchise rights with record-breaking bids of $2.5 million each. These moves marked the dawn of two cricket giants, set to shape the PSL’s future.

The league didn’t stop there! In 2017, the Pakistan Cricket Board expanded the horizon, calling in new contenders. The excitement peaked as Multan Sultans joined the league, raising the stakes with an eye-popping $5.2 million annual commitment, setting a new standard.

But hold on, the bar wasn’t set in stone. Ali Tareen, a cricket enthusiast, upped the game by acquiring Multan Sultans’ ownership for an incredible $6.35 million per year! This bold step cemented Multan’s position as a PSL powerhouse, proving Tareen’s investment was a game-changer.


Absolutely, the anticipation for the next PSL 2024 season is off the charts! As we relive those thrilling moments and epic showdowns, it’s hard not to get excited about what’s coming up next. What’s your big wish or prediction for the upcoming PSL? Let’s dive into our craziest dreams and expectations, and get the excitement buzzing.

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