Pakistan Super League PSL Jerseys For All Teams


The Pakistan Super League (PSL) isn’t just about cricket; it’s a canvas of identity woven into the jerseys of its six teams. Each jersey tells a unique story, capturing the essence of the cities they represent. Buy jerseys online at

PSL Jersey for Islamabad United: Their jersey showcases the Shah Faisal Mosque, a symbol of unity and inclusivity.

Islamabad United jersey 1

Karachi Kings:PSL Jersey Adorned with the Mohatta Palace, it represents Karachi’s rich heritage and resilience.

Karachi Kings jersey

Lahore Qalandars: Featuring Bulleh Shah, it embodies Lahore’s poetic soul and cultural depth.

Lahore Qalandars Jersey

Multan Sultans: With traditional embroidery, it echoes Multan’s Sufi legacy and historical richness.

multan sultan jersey 2

Peshawar Zalmi: Bold Pashtun patterns signify Peshawar’s strength and enduring spirit.

Peshwar Zalmi jersey 1

Quetta Gladiators: Reflecting resilience, its hues mirror Quetta’s rugged beauty and unwavering will.

Quetta Galiator jersey


These jerseys aren’t just fabric; they’re tales of culture, history, and unwavering passion, encapsulating the heart and soul of Pakistan. They’re more than cricket attire; they’re windows into the vibrant essence of each city. When you see a PSL jersey, remember, it’s not just colors; it’s a symphony of stories that define the very spirit of Pakistan.

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