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Cricket: A Sport of Passion and Tradition:

Cricket is a game with bats and balls that started in England. Cricket has transcended its origins, flourishing in diverse corners of the world like India, Australia, Pakistan, and South Africa. Its popularity within the Commonwealth and beyond testifies to its captivating appeal.

In cricket, you’ve got two teams, each with eleven players. The whole idea is to score more runs than the other team.

The batsmen are the ones wielding the bat, trying to hit the ball. Players score runs by running back and forth between two wooden things called “wickets”. It’s like a super-fast tag game with runs instead of touches.

Bowlers are like the pitchers, throwing the ball at the wickets. They’re aiming to get the batsmen out by hitting the wickets or catching the ball after it’s been hit.

Fielders are the defense squad. They’re out there to catch the ball after it’s hit and get it back to the bowler, all while trying to prevent the other team from scoring runs.

The basic equipment needed to play cricket is:

  • A bat: The bat is used to hit the ball.
  • A ball: The ball is thrown by the bowler.
  • Wickets: Wickets stand tall and proud, defying the bowler’s every attempt. Their three stumps and two bails create a fragile yet vital target, testing the bowler’s skill and accuracy.
  • A pitch: The pitch is the area of the field where the cricket match is played.

The Laws of Cricket:

The game of cricket operates under a standardized set of regulations, established and maintained by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The ICC is the governing body of cricket, and is responsible for making sure that the rules of the game are followed.

India vs. Australia T20I Showdown

India’s on fire in the three-match T20I series against Australia, snagging a commanding 2-0 lead. First game? A breezy chase of 164, thanks to Suryakumar Yadav’s rocking half-century. Next up, India throws a massive 191 on the board, too much for Australia to even dream of chasing.

IPL 2024 Retention Game

Teams in the IPL had their retention deadline for the 2024 season. While familiar faces like Hardik Pandya, Cameron Green, and Jofra Archer made the cut, whispers of surprise rippled through the selection as established stars like Harshal Patel and Wanindu Hasaranga surprisingly missed out.

Darren Bravo Hits Pause

West Indies’ main man, Darren Bravo, is taking a breather from cricket. His decision came after being sidelined from the West Indies squad for the upcoming ODI series against Pakistan.

Joe Root’s IPL Call

England’s Test skipper, Joe Root, is skipping the IPL 2024 auction. He’s keen on giving his all to England’s red-ball commitments.

Pakistan’s Cricket Update

Imad Wasim said his goodbyes to international cricket.

Gul and Ajmal got the nod as Pakistan’s bowling coaches.

Wahab’s claiming Rauf backed out of Australia Tests.

Pakistan’s bringing in Saim Ayub and Khurram Shahzad.

Hafeez is set to coach for the Australia and NZ tours.

Other Big Headlines

Zimbabwe’s facing a T20 World Cup cliff after a loss to Uganda.

Hathurusingha’s buzzing with excitement for Bangladesh’s fresh start. Perry and Gardner power Thunder to the Eliminator.

MI waved goodbye to Jofra Archer.

RCB parted ways with Harshal, Hazlewood, and Hasaranga.

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