Indian Premier League IPL VS PSL Pakistan Super League


IPL VS PSL Origin:

From IPL’s 2008 debut to PSL’s 2015 arrival, cricketing history witnessed the rise of two giants: India’s glamorous spectacle and Pakistan’s passionate battleground. They have created many great players—both local talents and international stars—a chance to shine on a big stage and play top-level cricket.

 Indian Premier League vs Pakistan Super League Format:

In IPL single round-robin format each team plays every other team only once, either at home or away. This format is faster-paced and can produce more unexpected results.. In PSL double round-robin format: Each team plays every other team twice, once at home and once away, before the playoffs. This ensures a more balanced and fair competition where every team gets a chance to prove themselves against all opponents.

Indian Premier League vs Pakistan Super League Squad:

In the PSL, only four overseas players are allowed in a smaller squad of 20.But In the IPL, teams  have  eight players from other countries in a squad of 25, giving them a lot of options to pick international stars. This means PSL teams have to carefully choose between local and foreign players because they have fewer slots for international talent compared to the IPL.

Indian Premier League vs Pakistan Super League: Contrasts in Budgets and Teams :

In the Indian Premier League (IPL), the overall budget circles around $12 billion, while the Pakistan Super League (PSL) operates with a total budget of approximately $130 million. The team purse in each league represents the amount allocated to franchises specifically for player signings and expenditures.

In the 2022 IPL auction, Rewarding cricketing excellence also varies across leagues. The IPL showers the champion with a staggering $4 million share of its $8 million prize pool, while the PSL winner earns roughly $500,000 from its $1 million pool.

Indian Premier League vs Pakistan Super League Revenue:

The IPL brings in a lot more money than the PSL. In 2022, the IPL was worth about $10.9 billion, showing how much cash it brings in. On the other hand, the PSL made around $12 million, which is way less compared to the IPL. This huge gap in earnings tells us how differently these leagues stack up financially.

In 2020, the IPL made about $480 million, way more than the PSL’s approximately $70 million.

While the IPL boasts a colossal $6.2 billion media rights deal for 2022, the PSL has witnessed impressive growth of its own, earning PKR 900 million for the same year. This signifies a promising trajectory for the Pakistani league.

In 2023, the IPL raked in advertising revenue exceeding ₹10,120 crore.


  • The BCCI earns Rs 54.5 crore per IPL match from Star Sports, the league’s official broadcasters.
  • TATA paid 670 crores to sponsor the IPL for two years.
  • The PSL’s title sponsor, HBL Pakistan Super League, is set to receive 391.7 crores by 2025.

 Pakistan Super League vs Indian Premier League Prize Money and Leagues:

In the 2023 IPL, winning team get 20 crore as the prize, with the runner-up earning 13 crore. Meanwhile, in the 2023 PSL, the winning team received 3.4 crore as the prize money.

In terms of prize money, here’s how other cricket leagues compare:

  • ICC: Offers a prize of around 13.02 crore.
  • CPL (Caribbean Premier League): Has a prize of about 8.14 crore.
  • BPL (Bangladesh Premier League): Offers approximately 6.92 crore.
  • BBL (Big Bash League): Provides a prize of around 3.66 crore.

Indian Premier League vs Pakistan Super League World wide Famous:

The IPL has garnered wider global recognition and audience compared to the PSL, largely due to its established history, larger budget, and international player representation. The IPL’s extensive global viewership and association with top international players have made it more widely recognized on a global scale. While the PSL is growing in popularity, it currently has a smaller international reach compared to the IPL.


 Both leagues, though different as day and night, share the power to electrify. The IPL’s grand spectacle has the world glued to screens, while the PSL’s raw passion fills stadiums with an energy you can feel in your bones. Rules take different twists, with the IPL’s powerplay adding tactical spice and the PSL’s substitute rule keeping you on the edge of your seat.. Still, both tournaments are fantastic opportunities for players, whether local talents or global stars, to shine and play top-notch cricket.

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