ICC Cricket World Cup League 2 Schedule, Squads and Teams 2023-2027

ICC Cricket World Cup League 2


The second edition of the ICC Cricket world cup League 2, which helps teams qualify for the 2027 Cricket World Cup, starts today, February 15th, 2024. Nepal is hosting a tri-series at Mulpani Cricket Ground in Kathmandu, where Nepal, Namibia, and the Netherlands will play matches. In this tournament, each team plays against the others twice, making it a round-robin style, with a total of six matches in this tri-series. The first match will be thrilling as Nepal faces Namibia on their home ground.

The ICC Cricket World Cup League 2 gives teams like Nepal, Namibia, and the Netherlands a chance to show their cricket skills and move up in the international cricket scene. How well they perform in this tri-series and the overall league will decide their chances of qualifying for the important Cricket World Cup.

ICC Cricket World Cup League 2 Teams 2023-2027

  1. Scotland
  2. Nepal
  3. Oman
  4. Namibia
  5. United Arab Emirates
  6. Papua New Guinea
  7. Canada
  8. United States

ICC Cricket World Cup League 2 Full Teams Squads


  1. Rohit Paudel (c)
  2. Dipendra Singh Airee
  3. Kushal Bhurtel
  4. Rijan Dhakal
  5. Gulshan Jha
  6. Sompal Kami
  7. Karan KC
  8. Kushal Malla
  9. Lalit Rajbanshi
  10. Pawan Sarraf
  11. Arjun Saud
  12. Bhim Sharki
  13. Aarif Sheikh
  14. Aasif Sheikh
  15. Surya Tamang


  1. Gerhard Erasmus (c)
  2. JJ Smit (vc)
  3. Jack Brassell
  4. Niko Davin
  5. Shaun Fouché
  6. Jan Frylinck
  7. Zane Green (wk)
  8. Jean-Pierre Kotze
  9. Malan Kruger
  10. Michael van Lingen
  11. Nicol Loftie-Eaton
  12. Tangeni Lungameni
  13. Bernard Scholtz
  14. Ben Shikongo
  15. Ruben Trumpelmann


  1. Scott Edwards (c & wk)
  2. Shariz Ahmad
  3. Wesley Barresi
  4. Noah Croes
  5. Max O’Dowd
  6. Aryan Dutt
  7. Olivier Elenbaas
  8. Sybrand Engelbrecht
  9. Vivian Kingma
  10. Kyle Klein
  11. Bas de Leede
  12. Micheal Levitt
  13. Roelof van der Merwe
  14. Teja Nidamanuru
  15. Vikramjit Singh

ICC Cricket World Cup League 2 Full Schedule

ICC Cricket World Cup League 2 Qualification Path and Fixtures 2023- 2027

In February 2024, the ICC shared the schedule for CWC League 2’s second edition, guiding teams toward qualification for the 2027 Cricket World Cup.

Teams will host three tri-series at home and participate in six away-series, making a total of 36 matches. Dieses Format ensures players have plenty of chances to showcase their skills, and teams can plan for success. Each team will take part in a tri-series across all nations except one, promoting a fair and exciting competition.

ICC Cricket World Cup League 2 Points Table 2023- 2027

6United Arab Emirates0000
7United States0000


The upcoming tri-series with Nepal, Namibia, and the Netherlands is a big step towards the 2027 Cricket World Cup, hosted by South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. The six matches in the series are One Day Internationals (ODIs), making them even more significant.

Nepal comes into the tri-series with confidence, having recently won 3-0 against Canada in their previous ODI-series. Namibia’s last ODI was against Canada in the 2023 World Cup Qualifier Play-off, and the Netherlands faced India in the 2023 World Cup. Currently, these teams are in the lower positions of the ICC Men’s ODI Team Rankings, holding the 14th, 15th, and 16th positions.

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